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All HI EP offshore products are NORSOK approved, the HI EP offshore product range consists of four systems:

Escape Route &
Landing Area System

The Hummervoll Escape Route and Landing area deck coating system for steel substrates is designed to withstand substantial stresses and expansion of the substrate. The system is NORSOK approved for escape routes and landing areas. The system is specially designed to meet the requirements for reliable escape routes: Durability, crack prevention, visibility and slip resistance.

Hummervoll Escape Route & Landing Area system 3 mm

Deck Coating System

Deck Coating System is a special coating system designed for steel substrates and with mechanical properties suited for outdoor areas exposed to heavy loads and wear.

Deck Coating System is approved according to the NORSOK standard.
Deck Coating System is a high-performance coating, developed as a wear resistant system for deck surfaces.
Deck Coating System, 3 mm, NORSOK Sys. 4A/ 4B
Deck Coating System, 1,6 mm, NORSOK Sys. 4C/ 4D

HI EP Deck

HI EP Deck Refresh is a 2-component epoxy system, Deck Refresh is especially suited for freshening up the topcoat color on existing HI EP Deck/ Flex coat systems.

HI EP Deck Refresh is a cost-effective solution when refurbishing deck areas with low to moderate traffic.

HI EP Floor Screed

HI EP Floor Screed is a floor levelling system designed for steel surfaces. The three-component, solvent-free epoxy mortar is used for repairs and levelling, the system can be installed in high thicknesses. HI EP Floor Screed is NORSOK approved and designed to absorb the stresses in steel substrate, even at high thicknesses. Thus, large height differences or irregularities can be corrected without the risk of cracking. The system is also suitable for making slope to ensure suitable drainage.

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