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Engineering Services

Through experienced personnel with a professional background from amongst others engineering companies, manufacturers and inspection companies HI has worked out a unique concept for choice of material and method, planning and estimation of activities / material consumption / equipment for the work execution. Control and coordination of the work itself is also part of this concept.

HI is specialised in protection of concrete flooring / steel decks and aims at developing solutions based on the customer's continuously increasing demand for special adjustments.

HI accepts assignment within projecting, design, planning and inspection of flooring systems and deck coatings.

Application examples:

  • Structural design and variations in bearing strength og concrete flooring result over time in the release of tensions, thus generating cracks and flaws.
  • Based on condition assessment and calculations, the optimal system is chosen balancing flexibility, durability, impact strength, color resistance and surface structure.
  • On steel surfaces, the coefficient of thermal expansion will be of high importance for choice of product, system design and application method.
  • Heavily used areas require certain systems while escape routes, managed by the safety department, require again another system.
  • Coatings and screeds used in artic environments require flooring systems with high temperature tolerance.
  • Other flooring systems are adjusted to the specieal requirements of the chemical industry, butchers, parking decks etc.

HI can provide:

  • Design
  • Specifications
  • Calculations
  • Drawings and documentation
  • Interdisciplinary engineering support
  • Evaluation, coordination and follow up of suppliers

The inspection of own and other's work is carried out by inspectors/supervisors. If required, HI also certifies and approves application companies.

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