Applying epoxy coating

Application Services

Hummervoll's ambition is not be merely a supplier, but an advisor.
Together with the customer, the right product and method of application is chosen. The flooring solution is tailermade for every single project.

The Company shall be an approachable and flexible partner.
Inquireries shall be responded to quickly, and assignments carried out according to customers' terms.

The Company strives to live up to its good reputation in the market - by complying with agreed time frames and delivering expected results.


In Norway, Hummervoll offers the full range of installation services for resin and concrete floorings


HI flooring systems

Hummervoll has developed a range of 19 flooring systems that covers nearly the all requirements for flooring alternatives with regards to synthetic resin floorings such as Epoxy and Polyurethane.
While Epoxy stands out for its high abrasive resistance, Polyurethane usually performs better with regards to colour fastness and scratch resistance.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete is getting more and more popular as decorative flooring system.
The material itself is cost effective and wear resistent. In recent years, methods have been developed to stain concrete in order to accentuate its natural surface structure. With Diamond Polishing, even marble and granite effects can be achieved.
The build of a decorative concrete floor requires however a high lever of competence and takes relatively ong time.

Acrylic Flooring

Acrylic has not the same mechanical strength and durability as Epoxy, Polyurethane or Concrete. However, in some cases it might be the right flooring solution. Acrylic is water tight and has a good colour fastness.

Supplemental flooring systems

Besides the HI product range, concrete and acrylic flooring, Hummervoll can offer distribution and application of supplemental products that should cover even the most challenging requirements.

Engineering services

Hummervoll also offers technical support, inspection services and other related services.
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