Company History

Company History

From pioneer to market leader

When epoxy-based industrial flooring was introduced around 1970, it was revolutionary. All of a sudden, it was possible to meet the strictest requirements for compact, nonporous, durable floor coating quick and effective.
Especially for the food industry, the introduction of this new thermoset material was a welcomed experience, but also other industries soon discovered the advantages of epoxy and its wear resistance.

Hummervoll Industribelegg is established in 1980. By then, the founder Per Hummervoll has already 10 years experience with epoxy. He starts a continuous development process systemising the existing epoxy products and adjusting them for a variety of applications within industrial flooring. Later, his team is reinforced through additional expertise recruited from one of the first epoxy manufacturers in the world, Ciba-Geigy in Switzerland.

The break-through for HI happens in 1989 with the development of an epoxy based flooring system that can by applied to a steel base. This development is the foundation of the company's unique position in the offshore floor and deck coating market.

Today HI has a market share in the Norwegian offshore segment of over 80% and its offshore products are single listed at most oil companies. Also onshore, HI has many loyal customers, both large and small companies, that rely on HI's broad experience and competence.

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